Avant-Garde Orthodontics


Hybrid Treatment
– Clear Aligner with Metal Braces

Truly, every smile is unique and every case is different.  We are committed to provide the best quality of the orthodontic care for you, and hybrid orthodontic treatment may be the best solution for your case.  Not all cases can be treated with the clear aligners; however, if the difficult teeth movement is only expected on lower arch, Dr. Joo can treat the case with hybrid technology (clear aligner on upper arch and metal braces on lower arch).  

Our hybrid technology will provide the most innovative “customized orthodontic care” that you deserve.  concept that innovative and would be better for traditional braces (metal or clear braces).  Using hybrid technology for orthodontic treatment is not for everyone;  truly, every case is unique and different. The best way to find out if hybrid treatments are the right option for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Joo.